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3 Ways to Find Experts in Your Niche

Connecting with experts and using them as a tool for growth will make expanding your reach much easier. If you are new to industry, finding the experts that have the largest reach. If you have been in a industry for very long you should have a good idea of who the key sources of quality content, but these tools can help you rank the best of the best. You can also discover new and upcoming influencers that are more open to making contacts and spreading their own reach.


Klout is a social media analysis tool that generates a score based on how influential a person is online. No one knows exactly how Klout determines the score, but it gives a pretty solid idea of a person’s online footprint.


After signing up an account it will analyze your social profiles for likes, followers, rewtweets, shares and so on. It also uses how far and whom the content is shared with to determine the score. You can narrow down influencers by category to determine whose word carries the most weight for a topic.

Take statistics from Klout with a grain of salt in regard to blogs. Klout will often rank celebrities and public figures extremely high compared to content generators based on shear number of followers.


AllTop is the brainchild of Guy Kawasaki, the guy who wrote The Art of The Start. AllTop provides articles that are useful, entertaining, popular, and trending within a specific category. There are hundreds of categories, and within each category there are even more sources of information.

Some articles in your targeted category will come from well known sources, but the idea is find the content from sites you have never seen before. Expect to find articles from the usual suspects such as the New York Times and Washington Post mixed in with other smaller sources for you to follow.


Read the articles and make note of what messages would resonate with your audience and their author. You will undoubtedly start to notice trends of where popular content originates. You can use these articles to find new guest bloggers or blogs in which to guest blog etc.

Social Mention

This is where I would have said Topsy, but since its recent death of Topsy (RIP December 15, 2015) Social Mention will have to do. Social Mention is a search and analytical tool for social media that gives you insight into the influence of a person, company, or keyword.

Social Mention gives you several insights that can give you a an popular something is based on their online footprint. Among simple statistics such as, time since last mention, and unique authors, you can also see scores related to strength, reach, passion, and sentiment.

Strength is the likelihood that the brand is being discussed in social media. Sentiment is the ratio of mentions that are generally positive versus those that are generally negative. Passion is the likelihood that those talking about your brand will do so repeatedly. Reach is the measure of influence.


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