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3 WordPress Plugins Everyone Needs

So you installed WordPress and now you are staring at the dashboard wondering, “Now what?” While WordPress is full of awesome features and tools there is a list a mile long that it does not do, at least right out of the box. That is why we have plugins.

Luckily for you, there are a million plugins that do all sorts of neat things that can fill all the gaps in the generic brand of WordPress.

Every site has different needs and gaps to fill, but after working on hundreds of WordPress sites there are 5 plugins that I use on every single site I have ever touched.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO makes monitoring and editing key SEO fixtures on your site dummy proof. If your new SEO this will be your holy grail by grading your posts and pages then telling you how to increase your footprint with some quick fixes.

You simply input your focus keyword then the Yoast content analysis will direct you how to match your content to the keyword.

For SEO experts Yoast SEO serves as your quick reference for all the things that you need to keep tabs on.


Wordfence Security WordPress

Wordfence is the most robust and complete security WordPress plugin on the marketplace. Its packed full of features that keep you off Google’s SEO black-list, protects against brute force attacks, continuous scanning, and email alerts.

*Bonus: Wordfence also comes with Falcon Engine, that boost your sites performance with easy to manage caching options.

In addition to monitoring your site, Wordfence will give you alerts when a WordPress related security breach is found along with steps to keep you from becoming a statistic.

Contact Form 7


I can just about guarantee that you will need a contact form on your site at least once at some point. The problem with contact forms is that they suck. Contact Form 7 makes forms not suck so bad.

You can setup email forwarding and reCAPTCHA in no time. If that’s not enough Contact Form 7 has become the standard contact from plugin so most other plugins offer integration.

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