5 Topics to Kick Start your Corporate Blog

The average Corporate blog is stale and full of LOOK AT ME style marketing pieces that sound more like a sales pitch than a blog. Even worse, many serve as a grave yard of old press releases.

These kick starters have proven to generate great content for corporate blogs struggling to create a material their clients want to read.

Corporate Blog Topics to Build Content Around

Corporate Blog Outlook

Share your Industry Outlook

Your company should have an opinion on the future of the industry. Is your industry growing? Anything that might disrupt the industry?

Your clients have just as much invested in your industry as you do and this a great opportunity to position yourself as a industry expert. Share data to support your hypothesis and what your clientele can do to take advantage of the changes.


Best Practice Blog

Industry Best Practices

You are an expert in your field, so you should know the best way for your clients to be successful. Write as if you were a consultant trying to help a client.

This is the time to get extremely specific and write practical advice that is proven to work. Talk with your sales and support staff to find specific issues that are a common struggle and give a method to fix it. Additionally, you can discus how to foster growth within their market to help encourage growth.

If your clients business is healthy it will help insure that yours stays healthy!


Corporate Blog Trends

Write about Industry Trends

This is where you can get technical. Depending on your industry and position within the industry you will have access to statistics and information that others may not have. If you got it, flaunt it! If you don’t do some research place like Deloitte make it easy to identify trends.

This is closely related to writing about your industry outlook, but you could easily break this up by using key takeaways from industry trends to develop an outlook. While writing about your outlook reference your article about trends and vice versa.


Corporate Blog Guest

Guest blog

The best way to take the commercialism out of your corporate blog is to bring in someone who doesn’t have a stake in the game. Let them do all the leg work and discuss something hard hitting in your industry.

Make sure you utilize a prominent person within your industry that has a large following on social media that will convert to your site. You want to utilize their prominence as much as possible. The goal is for his followers to be come your followers.


Corporate Blog Interview

Partner for an interview

Find a key media outlet in your industry and utilize them to your advantage to conduct an interview with a prominent leader in your company.

This has more than one benefit. Not only does this help you get insight on what topics are important for your readers, it gives you a ton of new blog material. Take questions asked in the interview to use as subject matter for a more in-depth response to the question.

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