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How to Find Anyone’s Email Address

Getting in touch with key influencers, journalist, or decision makers for a business can be difficult. You can spend hours searching and getting the run around.

Making contact with the right person that can put your message in front the perfect audience is one of the most time consuming task when making making a social post, PR move, building links, or whatever else.

This guide will give you the tools and processes I have used to for gathering quality contact information.

Use an automated tools to scrape for information

Ninja Outreach is my favorite tool for finding new contacts. In addition to finding contact information from social sites like Twitter and Instagram it has an awesome feature that can connect you with bloggers, leads, and influencers you didn’t even know existed.

You simply search for keyword within you niche and filter the sort of contact you looking for, blogger, comapany, influencer etc. Once you find a contact you can add them to a specific campaign and share them with your team members to track interactions.

Ninja Outreach Tool

I am most familiar with Ninja Outreach but BuzzStream is also extremely popular and boast an awesome set of tools.

Use an email look up tool

Like the tools above these sites and plugins can help you find an email on website, but they are more targeted. Datanyze Insider is the most powerful tool I have used for finding an email for exact contact. You simply highlight the persons name on a webpage then Datanyze will ping probable email address combinations and reports on the one that is active.

If your not exactly sure who you need to target at a specific company Email Hunter will search the entire domain to find potential email addresses.

Advanced Twitter searches

If you can find someone’s Twitter handle you might get lucky and their email will in their bio, but probably not. Your next best bet for scoring an email address from Twitter is by performing an advanced search for keywords that point to their email.

For example, search for something like From:username “an email”. Other good searches are “my email”, “email me”, or anything along those lines.

Generate emails and check validation

If you haven’t been able to track down someone’s email by now you are getting desperate, but there is still hope. You will need two things: This email permutator spreadsheet from Rob Ousbey at Distilled and the Google Chrome extension Rapportive.

Email Permulator

After you download the Email Permulator you will have a long list of possible email address, but how do you know which one is legit? This is where Rapportive shines! Open a new email in Gmail and paste one of the emails from the generated list. Rapportive will go to work to find information associated with the account including LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Last ditch effort

Well, if you haven’t found your target contact information by now you are probably SOL, but in a last ditch effort there is always your trusty friend Google. You might be able to find a press release or blog article that you missed before that can give you a lead to follow up on.

Good hunting!

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