How to Find What CMS a Website Uses

Ever wonder what Content Management System (CMS) your favorite website uses? Or maybe you are scoping out some competitors and want an insight into their tool set. Whatever the case may be, it is always interesting to see what a site is running.

It’s not hard hard to find what CMS a website is using. The two tools below will tell you everything you want to know for 90% of the sites out there.

Find What CMS a Website is Using

If you are curious about one site in particular the easiest solution is to go to to Built With and enter the URL for the website in question and to generate a free report like the one below.

Built With - Find What CMS

Option 2: Wappalyzer Live Browsing CMS Detecting

Wappalyzer automatically detects content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, analytics tools and more while you browse the web. In short, Wappalyzer is the shit. I WILL NOT use a web browser without it.

As your browsing you will see a small logo of the CMS or platform the website you are on is using and if you click the icon it displays even more information about the webpage.

Wappalyzer- Find What CMS

Not only does Wappalyzer tell you what software a site is using it gives you great starting point to find new tools to improve your own website. Download Wappalyzer for Chrome or Firefox.

In addition, Wappalyzer also displays a wealth of information about CMS trends, tools, platforms, languages etc on their website. You can find the market share of a particular CMS or tool versus their competitors like this eCommerce Marketshare Report.

If you are doing market research and aren’t afraid to drop a little bit of coin, Wappalyzer will generate a report of websites using a specific application or combination of specific applications. They have over 400,000 browsers to update their database, so their data is pretty darn accurate.

Wappalyzer FTW!

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