The Recipe for Amazing Content

Struggling to create content that begs to be shared? Keep reading because I am going to give you the perfect recipe to create amazing content that your readers are craving.

Creating content is easy, any monkey with a keyboard can type 500 words. Creating quality content that your readers will share and refer to over and over again is hard – really hard.

Use these tips to create amazing content that will keep your readers coming back!

Choose the Right Topic

Choosing a compelling topic that captures our readers attention is the first step in creating great content. Sounds easy, but many content creators completely miss the mark. Instead of creating content that readers are looking for they regurgitate common knowledge or write about topics that people just flat out don’t care about.

Research trending topics and find articles that readers are sharing and engaging in. Here is simple infographic that you should keep in mind anytime you are choosing a topic.

The Hook

The Hook for Amazing Content

Your readers will read the first sentence of your post and decide if they want to keep scrolling. You have to appeal to their emotions to keep the thirst for more information. For example: “Keep reading because I am going to give you the perfect recipe to create amazing content that your readers are craving.”

If you made it this far, then probably so.

Remember the 8 second rule.  You have 8 short second to catch you readers attention and entice them to read your article.

Remove the Fluff

Even if your hook is perfect and you picked a topic that has peaked your readers interest, you can lose it quickly. You are not Ernest Hemingway, so don’t get fancy and write metaphors or engage your reader on some higher intellectual plain. Your reader is looking for an answer not entertainment.

Long paragraphs and sentences take time and no one on the internet has time for that. If you want to keep your audiences attentions do this:

Write short sentences and jump to the next line after making a point. (Like I just did!)

Keep your post simple and to the point. Your readers are not reading for entertainment. They have questions and you have the answer. Click To Tweet

Use “You” as Much as Possible

We are all selfish. We love content, just like everything else, to revolve around us. Your reader wants the message to be directed at them.

Use the word “you” as much as possible. When your message appears to be personalized advice or consultation to their situation they are far more likely to feel like the message is speaking straight to them. The goal is to make the reader believe that your message was written directly to them to solve their problem.

Promise Value

What will I gain by spending my valuable time reading what you have to say? Will it give me amazing insight that will guide me to more profit? Will it improve my every day life?

Remember your reader isn’t here just to burn time, they are looking for something. Whether that thing is the answer to a question, a insight that will help them grow their business, or a list way to improve their writing. (That’s what this article is about. Yay!)

Keep your value proposition in mind and communicate it to your reader before their 8 seconds of attention is lost.

Lists. Everyone Loves a List




Using list is one of the most effective ways to communicate several points quickly. Most people skim read. In fact, there is about 75% chance that you wont finish this sentence, but you probably read the list! Jeff Bullas is one of the best at creating great list that rank ideas or just make content easier to follow.

List make for great headlines. “99 Ways to Increase Your Profit” for example. Your eyes are attracted to the number and your brain is attracted to the idea that you could easily find new ways to improve. Its a win win.

Be Bold

Bold Amazing Content

If you want to grab attention be bold! Don’t be afraid to write about your opinion and back it up.

Taking a side, or better yet, creating your own side helps set you apart as an industry leader and influence. You may persuade people to back your opinion and they are more likely to share it with others.

Even if your reader doesn’t share your viewpoint if you can back it up with case studies or examples they will at least appreciate your opinion.

If you want to grab attention be bold! Don't be afraid to write about your opinion and back it up. Click To Tweet
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