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Why Marketers Need to Learn How to Code

If you are a digital marketer and the thought of “coding” scares you, its time to face your fear. Code isn’t going away, and it will only continue to become more important for marketers to have a basic understanding of what makes the technology world go-round. A digital marketer that doesn’t know how to code is just another marketer.

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No, you don’t need to be an expert developer that can build an app from scratch, but you do need the basics. With just a introductory level education in the building blocks of the web like HTML, CSS, and a sprinkle of Javascript/JQuery, you will be able to sprint through projects more effectively than ever before. In short you will:

  • Be a better marketer
  • Implement projects faster
  • Stand out
  • Save money

Here is an example of how. If you don’t have a base of coding experience your digital projects probably look like this:

  1. You have a great idea like: Lets make a landing page with an awesome slider that illustrates how much money they can save with my product!
  2. You create the page content.
  3. You find a web designer to create your landing page and do all the “code-y” stuff for the slider.
  4. They charge you money.
  5. You wait.
  6. Still waiting…
  7. You get the draft! It sucks.
  8. Ask for changes.
  9. Wait.
  10. Yay its finished!
  11. The page launches two weeks after the project started 🙁

That sucks. Your project took forever to launch and cost you a decent chunk of change that could easily wash out any potential profit. If you are willing to spend a few days and learn the basic “code-y” stuff that you previously paid for. You are cutting out the middle man. No middle man, more money, less time. Instead of having an idea and banking on someone else to bring it to fruition, the power is in your hands!

Here is something to think about. When you go to the doctor, you expect him to not only know how to diagnose your illness, but also how to fix it. If its something simple he can usually get you taken care of, but if you have cancer you are going to have to see a specialist. As digital marketers the internet is where the body of our work happens, it our duty to know how it works and be able to work and shape it to benefit us. If a clients website has “cancer” or wants a fully animatronic 3rd arm with lasers you send them to a specialist i.e., a web developer.

You will be able to wield your skills to exploit all the functionalities of your CMS like WordPress. You will no longer be limited to the GUI when making post, pages, and creating emails. You will know how build better links and SEO practices will more make sense.

If your still not sold do this: Ask anyone who knows how to code, especially non-developers, if they regret learning. I will personally fly to your location shake your hand and accept defeat if you manage to find anyone who says they wouldn’t do it again.

So your sold, but now what? There are dozens of amazing resources for people just like you to build up their coding skills with interactive lessons. Here are the best resources on the web for learning how to code. I even reviewed and discussed my favorite code education resources. Many of these resources are free and can get you up to speed in a couple of weeks after devoting a few hours a day.



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